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What's Cooking 1?
Why Choose Us? A chocolate brand that is uniquely Malaysian
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A Gift for Your Love One? The choice for all special and memorable events
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Searching for New Favor? Browse our chocolate gallery to enlighten you.
Our Cocoa Boutique Melting the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere
Durian & Chili chocolate A truly Malaysian indulgence
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Our Chocolates / Products

As Malaysia's largest chocolate retailer, Cocoa Boutique and Chocolate Gallery will continue to expand its chocolate 'empire' in Malaysia. Adhering to the core values that promotes variety and superiority, the company is fast making its mark in the industry as the best chocolate provider in Malaysia.

With increased competition and the changing lifestyle of the consumers, product variety and differentation has become pivotail in serving the wants of the consumers. This is what sets Cocoa Boutique and Chocolate Gallery apart from its competitors. Over 300 product varieties are offered from both its premium and mass market chocolate range.

Under the skills of Chef Ong, the Resident chocolatier with 25 years of experience, the company pioneered several chocolate recipes, signature to the company and to Malaysia. It promotes the diversity of the rich Malaysian food, culture and heritage. Some of the signature recipes are :

Fruit Chocolate

Hand-made and filled with natural tropical fruits such as the papaya, mango, pineapple, coconut and more. Most popular flavour is the Malaysian King of Fruit, the Durian chocolate, a must buy for most tourists.

Tongkat Ali Chocolate

Known as the Malaysian Ginseng, the Tongkat Ali filling is known to provide strength and vitality to the consumers. It is a unique Malaysian chocolate recipe.

Other Specialities

Seeking to provide a point of difference, the company developed the Chili, Curry and Ginger Chocolates, to name a few, as part of its unique and specialty chocolate range.

Orang Utan Chocolate

A must buy for every tourist. Packaged in the shape of the native primate, the Orang Utan, this chocolate creation reflects on the commitment of the company towards promoting awareness on Malaysia's heritage and the endangered Orang Utan species.